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A Movie A Day


If you have ever felt dread of good movies, this application is for you.This application allows you to search movies and share them through facebook, twitter, email and many other mediums.Plus it comes with a widget which recommends a movie each day for you to watch.


Ability to search the open source and free movie database, themoviedb.org. Completely user driven by people like you. TMDb is currently used by millions of people every month and with it’s powerful API, also used by many popular media centers like Moovida, XBMC, Plex, MythTV and MediaPortal.
The results of the search are veiwed in Android recommended ListView including a thumb sized poster cover of the respective movie.
Ability to share the movie with your facebook friends, post it on your twitter account or email it to your friends with any message.Also, you can watch the trailer of any search result, plus look up its IMDB Page and see its full cover image. .

The main feature of the application- A Movie A Day widget in standard Android 3×3 size recommends a movie each day, hence the name.Plus, it allows you to share it with your friends and watch trailers.


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